The Yes or No Workshop

First project using the art therapy to strengthen the autonomy of adolescent women in Arequipa, Peru

First project using the art therapy to strengthen the autonomy of adolescent women in Arequipa, Peru. Specially autonomous decisions about their sexual health

Who are   we?
We are a multiprofessional team that seeks to create spaces for accompanied   artistic processes, to create projects where art is a tool for social   development. Since 2014, we have carried out projects and interventions in   schools Arequipa, Cusco and Ayacucho; and in 2019, we presented our first   educative book. We are currently developing “The Yes or No   workshop”, a workshop that uses art to strengthen the autonomy and   sexual health of adolescent. Our objective for 2020 is to make  known our methodology  and to motivate schools to integrate it,   and also start talking about art therapy and artistic mediation in their work   plans.
 We live in a country where women rights are constantly violated. We have a   project that would help empower young girls, reducing the alarming numbers of   femicides, teenage pregnancies or unwanted pregnancies. Art is a   non-intrusive communication tool that gives everyone their space, respecting   their own time and limits, art can be very useful for working with vulnerable   groups, for example this one. In 2018, 149 cases of femicide were reported in   Peru. 12.6% of women between 15 and 19 are pregnant. 80% of unwanted   pregnancies occur in women under the age of 18.
In early 2019, we developed an artistic mediation workshop experience for 3   months with a total of 200 women. Our objective was clear, to strengthen   their self-esteem, to insert the concept of autonomy and sexual health, to   understand sexual health in the psychological dimension. The artistic   creation process was the main tool to achieve the goal. After the workshops,   the participants said that their way of seeing themselves and the group had   changed, they understood that they were free to say what they wanted, without   fear of being judged and they had the confidence to do something for   themselves. Over 90% of the teens expressed their gratitude for the project,   they felt that their words had value and that they deserved to be heard, in   the same way, they learned to listen to their class friends.  
 How are we going to use the funds?
 In our country, mental health is in crisis, there is very little money for   prevention or research in the field of mental health. WE NEED YOUR HELP! The   first part of the workshop (the whole intervention with the girls) was   entirely covered by Estudio Color; Our funds are finished, but not our desire   to continue helping. We want to show how this experience has improved the   autonomy and sexual health of adolescents, with the aim that new schools are   motivated to welcome projects like ours. The financial funds will be used to   process the information collected, publish the workshop results in the media   and an educational magazine, to support our website and to visit the schools   and present the project. March 31 is our fundraising deadline and July 2020   is the date to show the results and to visit schools.
 Thanks to your support! We will sent you aswell all the information about   the workshop and the resulst. You can help us with a donation in this site
 THANK YOU! Anaisa Cornejo (artistic mediator), Raiza Aldazabal,   (psychologist). Nickole Zanabria (educator), Linsy Gutierrez (educator) and   we had the support of Anneta Santacreu (art therapist) – Estudio Color team   for the Yes or No 2019 workshop

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